Youth's Highest Honor: Your Guide to Earning the Congressional Award and Building Life Skills is a guide to earning The Congressional Award, the highest award for youth. Catherine Jessen and I share our insider tips and experiences, along with other helpful life skills we learned along the way.



Nice things readers have said

“This is a great treatise if you're angling for the Congressional Award but also contains good advice applicable to all life's stages. […] Cannot recommend this book highly enough.” - Claire P.

“Whether you're looking to set and achieve goals at work, at school or in pursuit of the Congressional Award, you will take away countless tips and insights from these two hard-working and highly accomplished individuals. […] A must read for ambitious individuals of all ages!” - Hayley S.

“Catherine and Lauren Jessen have made it their mission to inspire youth and to give them the tools for personal and professional success. […] I wish I had read this book in high school!” - Donna R.L.