Present tense // No. 02: The best book covers of 2018 and celebrating the holidays with ice cream cake

ice cream cake.jpg

Life, currently…

  1. Design

    Round-ups are massively popular at this time of year. Though they’re everywhere, I actually like the process of reflecting. While I try not to judge books by their covers, sometimes the cover is what attracts me to a book I might not otherwise pick up. When a book cover is done well, it can be such a positive for a story. I enjoyed looking through this list of the best book covers from 2018…and just from that list my to-read book pile has grown significantly.

  2. Read

    If you’ve ever wanted to be a restaurant critic, read this. It’s not just about going out and eating and sharing your feelings about it. In fact, it’s really about the storytelling. This article is packed with good advice, insight into current critics’ experiences, and what it takes to stand out.

  3. Eat

    If you’re from the Seattle area or have visited before, you’ve probably heard of Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream. They just added Icebox ice cream cakes to all of their shops, and since I’m a huge fan of ice cream cake, I’ve already picked up two. Is there anything more festive than ice cream and cake layered together?

  4. Explore

    I only recently learned what pulled tea is, and I’m eager to try making some for myself. With pulled tea, you pour the tea back and forth between jugs at least four times so that the air can mix with the liquid to create its signature foam head. I prefer all my drinks to be frothy (iced cappuccinos, frothy bubble tea…), so this beverage sounds perfect.