Present tense // No. 01: Curating a reading list and drooling over this restaurant's menu

Sawyer in Ballard

Sawyer in Ballard


Life, currently…

1.     Design

I’m in the middle of creating an (ambitious) reading list for 2019. I’m getting some help from NPR’s Book Concierge and The New York Times’ Book Review. It seems the list grows longer every year, but I’ve been averaging a book a week so I’m feeling optimistic.

2.     Read

There are 18 days left in the year, so it seems fitting to start looking ahead. The UX Collective’s The State of UX in 2019 is a thoughtful and fascinating look at what’s to come in UX in 2019. Favorite call-outs: Microtrends of blue people in illustrations, everyone is a design lead, and embracing the open kitchen.

3.     Eat

What do cheesy bread, pork belly steam buns, friend potato jojo’s, bone marrow matzo ball, and rotisserie porchetta all have in common? They’re delicious, not quite what you’d expect, and are served in a modern mid century-looking restaurant in Ballard called Sawyer. Plates are meant to be shared, which is a good thing here because that just means more flavors to devour. I went for the aesthetics and intriguing dishes, but will be retuning for the first half of the menu (and dessert).

4.     Explore

I took my first analog photo this year and am excited to continue exploring the craft. I’m slowly dipping my toes into all the resources that are out there, but if you have any recommendations or suggestions, I’d love to know!